The AUDL’s Biggest Problem

The Spinners recently conducted a fantasy draft of the best club players that the world has to offer, and the list is relevant to the AUDL only because of the irrelevance of the AUDL to the list.

Out of the 70 players listed, only three currently play at the professional level: Brodie Smith of the Indy Alleycats, the Connecticut Constitution’s John Korber and the Buffalo Hunters’ Rob Dulabon.

There are many things that the AUDL needs to do in the future to make ultimate into more of a mainstream sport, from cleaning the league’s organizational structure, to putting the focus on helping the existing teams flourish rather than working to create new franchises.

But, above all, the league needs to do a better job of drawing the upper-echelon of players into the league.

The list of reasons for why this may be difficult is long and winding, from the referees that loom over the pro game, to the commercialization of a sport that so many considered to be theirs and theirs alone.

Atop this list, however, may be the fact that the AUDL is promoting its own product as having the best athletes the sport can offer, as shown in this promotional video for the championship game this Saturday.

If the league isn’t going to work to get these elite players to join, then why should they?


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4 Responses to The AUDL’s Biggest Problem

  1. Cameron Brock says:

    I think one thing you might be forgetting is the amount of people in the league that can’t afford to play with better club teams because they don’t have the money to do so. I don’t necessarily believe I would be on that list if I did play on a great club team, but I live in Indianapolis and don’t have the money to travel 3 hours minimum to play on a Nationals caliber team. That could be the case with others in the league as well.

  2. Aaron G. Stock says:

    My “favorite” game to play on each team’s website is “Find the link to”.

    I understand how each team may not have the cash to hire one person to update its site, but each team needs to update once before and once after each game *at the minimum*.

    And I hope Connecticut sticks around and the AUDL comes to its senses, drops its ridiculous fines, and compensates CT at the least, but *please* change the team name! Ah, well.

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