Philly Looks to Rebound after Poor Performance

The Philadelphia Spinners haven’t had to come back from a loss very often this season, thanks to their 13 and 2 league record.

When they have entered a game looking to avoid a two-game losing streak, however, Philadelphia has made sure to assert its dominance. In the two games they have played this season following a loss, the Spinners have won by an average of 14 points, with one of their victories being a 35-13 thrashing of the Buffalo Hunters.

Following their loss to Nexgen on Thursday night, the Spinners will look to continue this trend on their biggest stage yet: the AUDL’s Eastern Division Finals.

Philadelphia will look to bounce back from their worst game of the season, in which they became overwhelmed by Nexgen’s speed and athleticism, losing 24-17.

As much as their play on Thursday may raise questions about the team’s mindset, however, the familiar opponent that Philadelphia will see lined up across the field will ease its worries.

The Spinners have defeated the Rhode Island Rampage by an average of more than seven points per game in the teams’ three games this season.

Even the Rampage’s owner admitted that it should be the Connecticut Constitution, not his own team, who should be competing against the Spinners in Saturday’s contest at Franklin Field, but due to the legal situation that Connecticut finds itself in with the league, the Rampage get the spot.

Rhode Island travels to Philadelphia amidst internal discussions attempting to move the franchise to Boston.

Regardless of what the future holds, in the short term, a win earns the victors a trip to the Silverdome in Michigan for the inaugural AUDL championship against the Indianapolis Alleycats next weekend.


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