Spinners v. Nexgen

The Philadelphia Spinners will breathe a sigh of relief on Saturday, when they return to playing against other AUDL teams.

The young-guns of the Nexgen Tour asserted their dominance over the Spinners time and time again on Thursday night in Philadelphia, winning 24-17.

Despite worries that playing with AUDL rules would affect them, Nexgen showed no negative side affects, ending the game with no 7-second stall outs and showing no fatigue as the game wore on long after they had scored 15 times.

The game stayed close for the first period, with both teams breaking the other three times. In time, though, Nexgen started taking advantage of numerous Spinners’ turnovers and converting break opportunities.

By half time, Nexgen led by 5, and despite the Spinners attempt to throw different defensive looks at the young squad, the lead never shrank to anything less than 4.

The Spinners played their worst game as a team, deviating from the slow, methodical play that made them able to slowly wear teams out over the course of 48 minutes, and falling into the fast-paced play that the college all-stars prefer.

David Baer was honest on Twitter following the game, tweeting that the Spinners “knew this would be the toughest game all year.” He tipped his hat to his opponents for their “fast, aggressive” brand of ultimate.

Nexgen’s Tyler DeGirolamo played a phenomenal game, ruling the sky on almost every opportunity. He came into the game leading his team in goals.

In addition to DeGirolamo, Callahan winner Nick Lance and Luther’s Eric Johnson took advantage of any space that the Spinners gave them, breaking the mark and placing the disc in prime position for their cutters to succeed.

The Spinners suffered as much from the athletic Nexgen players as they did from their own execution, however.

In the second half, the Spinners would attempt to place the pull on the line, then set a double team trap. However, in all but one of those efforts, Nexgen stayed composed, eventually getting the disc off of the line and to the break side, allowing for the easy score.

Nexgen moves to 7-1 on their bus tour, while the Spinners suffer their 3rd loss.

On Saturday, the Spinners will be back at Franklin Field to take on the Rhode Island Rampage in the AUDL’s Eastern Division Championship.

Until then, they’ll be thankful that rosters closed weeks ago, so that the Rampage couldn’t talk Nexgen into staying in Philadelphia for a few more days.




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