President Defends AUDL Marketing Approach, Silent on Other Issues

In the past month, Josh Moore has gone from maneuvering his league from behind-the-scenes to standing front and center in a swirl of controversy.

For the most part, besides a letter posted on the AUDL webpage regarding the lawsuit between the Constitution, the Rampage, and the league, Moore has stayed mostly silent while talk around the league grew regarding the manner in which Moore chose to operate.

With that silence comes a confidence that he knows a secret that others within the league don’t quite comprehend.

While his dissenters comment that the league is simply interested in selling franchises and not focused on how the current ones pan out, Moore pleads for rationality on the issue.

“The league has pushed down tens of thousands of dollars to the teams to make the season happen and all of the teams have benefited from these funds,” Moore said. “The monies received from expansion teams have been reinvested into the league to facilitate success and growth.”

As for those who criticize the league’s marketing campaign throughout the first year of the league’s existence, Moore refers back to the money trail.

“We would love to have unlimited resources to market the sport, but as our teams do not pay the league dues or fees, and we are in our infancy stage with minimal sponsorship dollars, the claim that the league is not helping the teams is upsetting to hear after all the support was pushed down to the teams to help get our league off the ground,” Moore said.

Moore was frank when responding to critics, as well as questions regarding the policies on forfeits and missed games.

He explained that “every effort be made to play the game – whether it means move it to the evening, cool mist fans, emergency personnel, shade tents.” If the agreement to cancel isn’t mutual, then the team requesting a reschedule must find an available date in the future. In the case of the Columbus Cranes’ forfeit, the only open date was one during which they would not have enough players.

As for the Indy Alleycats looking to take a forfeit and pay the fines toward the Rhode Island Rampage rather than put out money for travel expenses, Moore called the situation one that “we never wanted to see happen,” and that, looking toward next year, “we want to make sure that in the future, every game on our schedule gets played.”

But in regards to other issues, from the dissention within the league, a possible restructuring of the league, Brent Steepe’s relation to the new Boston franchise, and anything regarding the lawsuit with the Constitution and the Rampage, Moore was silent.

He explained that he needed to stay quiet on these issues “in order to avoid complications as we work for resolution.”

The Western Division Championship will be played on Sunday, featuring the Bluegrass Revolution taking on the Indy Alleycats.


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