AUDL Source Argues League’s Side of Story

UPDATE: Connecticut Constitution CEO Bryan Ricci responds to AUDL’s comment regarding the Constitution helping to bring the New York owner into the league. See comment at the bottom of the page.

Deep within the American Ultimate Disc League’s Facebook, a voice arguing the league’s side of the story has finally spoken.

On a post thread that began with a fan asking why Detroit was formally informed by the league that their game against the Constitution had been cancelled, but Connecticut had not, the moderator of the AUDL’s Facebook responded fervently.

Such comments are old news, but as the conversation drags on, new information unearths itself.

Last week, news broke regarding money changing hands between the league and the Spinners, allowing the Hammerheads and the NY franchises to be founded within the Spinners’ 100-mile radius as delineated within the Territory Licensing Agreement signed by Philadelphia.

In this comment by the AUDL, however, “they” refers to the Connecticut Constitution, showing the lengths to which the Constitution is willing to go to prevent franchises being founded in the areas from which it draws the majority of its talent.

Knowing that the Constitution was offered an olive branch by the league softens, to an extent, the amount of blame that is able to be placed upon the league within the current controversy.

Later on in the comment thread, the AUDL representative speaks of the agreement regarding the NY and Boston franchises that had been agreed to before the TLA was signed:

This post doesn’t comment as to whether such an agreement was verbal or in writing.

More interesting, however, is the fact that the AUDL claimed that the Constitution helped to bring the owner of the supposed New York team into the league.

This, if anything, adds to the complexity that is this legal mess between Connecticut and the AUDL.

In addition, it is a breath of fresh air to hear any information from the league, who has been mostly silent throughout this debacle.


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One Response to AUDL Source Argues League’s Side of Story

  1. Bryan Ricci says:

    Inasmuch as Facebook is commentary and subject to what the writer writes, whether true or not, we will not respond to each Facebook post. We do want to note the following, however.

    Previously Mr. Moore had posted this same information on the AUDL website about us helping to bring on the NYC owner and we told him to remove it inasmuch as it was not true and he did, now he is reintroducing the same story in a Facebook response, one that he moderates.

    We had conversations with a purported New York owner, having no inclination whether the potential owner was in or out of our territory. We also had conversations with many potential owners. Having discussions is NOT the same as helping to bring a team in.

    Mr. Moore also appears to acknowledge the 100 mile radius as a benckmark for territories.

    Bryan Ricci, CEO, Connecticut Constitution LLC

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