Spinners Coach Confirms Fiscal Agreement Between Team, League

Two days ago, Charles Eisenhood reported that sources around the league claimed that there had been an agreement between the Philadelphia Spinners and the league in which the AUDL granted the Spinners compensation for the team allowing new organizations to be created within the 100 mile boundary that was delineated within the contract all teams signed with the league.

Jeff Snader, Philadelphia Spinners’ head coach, confirms such an agreement took place. In an email exchange with Pro Disc News, the coach wrote, “The Philadelphia Spinners did come to an agreement with the AUDL to allow the NJ and NY teams to coexist in our 100 mile radius.”

In a later email, he clarified whether such an agreement involved money, writing, “They compensated us financially.”

The two sides came to an agreement while the league was preparing to sue the Constitution and the Rampage for attempting to back away from a supposed verbal agreement that occurred before the two teams signed their contracts in which the clause that protects the 100-mile radius around a team’s home base was agreed to.

The trouble between the Constitution and the league seemed to have been through its darkest days when Connecticut resumed operations despite having not been compensated for legal fees as well as for the new teams in NY and Boston. However, after the league fined the Constitution $20,000 for skipping its two games last weekend as well as cancelling its game against the Mechanix, Connecticut will stay off the field, at least for another week.

Meanwhile, the Spinners travel to Indianapolis to take on the Alleycats later today.

The contrast between how the Constitution and the Spinners have been treated by the league is palpable, and will become even more clear as more news is unearthed.


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