Constitution Resume Operations

The legal game between the Constitution and the AUDL will take a back seat to those that take place on the field, at least for now.

On Wednesday, Connecticut published a letter addressed to its fans, announcing that the Constitution would play the remaining games of this inaugural season.

Constitution CEO Bryan Ricci wrote on the team’s website, “In the true spirit of sportsmanship and spirit of the game, we have unsuspended our operations, and while we continue to negotiate with the league on several outstanding issues, we move forward on good faith that they will be resolved.”

The Constitution will take to its home field on Saturday, facing off against the Detroit Mechanix at 1pm.

Last week, due to its self-enforced suspension, Connecticut forfeited two games, pushing their record down to 9-5. Despite those two losses, the Constitution still hold the second best record in both the Eastern Conference and the league on the whole.

Captain John Korber, as of 6/17, led the league in goals per game at 6.33, almost a point and a half higher than the second place player.

Having already clinched a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Constitution can now fully focus on the August 4th playoff match-up against the Spinners.


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