Week 13 Recap

The game of the day came down to the final seconds.

With 50 seconds on the game clock, and the Detroit Mechanix leading the Columbus Cranes, 27-26, the Cranes came out of a timeout with the disc on their one yard line, with a chance to tie the match with just one throw.

Despite getting an open throw into the endzone, the disc was dropped, allowing the Mechanix to run the clock out, winning the game, 27-26.

While the loss still hurts for the Cranes, league sanctions, providing the Bluegrass Revolution and the Indianapolis Alleycats with wins over the currently inactive Connecticut Constitution, had already pushed the playoffs out of Columbus’ reach.

In addition, the Cranes were awarded a loss for their cancelled game against the Hunters on Saturday. All totalled, they end the weekend with a 5-9 record.

Meanwhile, Detroit ends the season at 6-8.

In the week’s other game, the fourth meeting of the Spinners and the Hunters turned out to be more of a mismatch than a match-up, with Philadelphia scoring 35 points to Buffalo’s 13. The Spinners’ point total was the second highest in the AUDL this season, while the Hunters matched their own season low, which they set in Week 8.

Philadelphia moves to 10-2 on the year with the win, while Buffalo, despite the loss, moves to 2-12 with the awarded win over the Cranes.


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One Response to Week 13 Recap

  1. sludge says:

    Clarification is desperately needed on how the AUDL allows teams to declare ‘forfeits’ / “cancellations” & how professional teams determine game status of scheduled games. Week 12 is where this first started happening… http://bit.ly/Nfl27H

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